Regional Data Center, Maiden, NC


Upgrade the generator rooms, data halls and high-temp chiller rooms of a 400,000-square-foot data center on a fast track construction schedule


  • Provide, fabricate and install the duct, plenums, and intake and exhaust louvers associated with generator combustion and cooling air
  • Install generator exhaust gas system
  • Design, fabricate, construct and test mockup system to troubleshoot and test the proposed data hall cooling system
  • Install cooling fans and associated duct for the server racks in the data halls

Project Highlights

  • Provided design feedback during the mockup stage, which eliminated potential construction and design problems, expedited the construction schedule and minimized costly rework
  • Exceeded the expected construction schedule while working in a crowded environment
  • All systems were fabricated and constructed off-site in our fabrication facility, then dissembled and installed on-site to minimize work congestion in the space