Presbyterian Hospital Central Energy Plant, Charlotte, NC


Add new boilers and cooling towers, reroute the chilled water pipe, replace pumps and add generators


  • Demolish the existing steam and chilled water plant and construct new steam and chilled water plants without downtime
  • Install a boiler plant featuring three 700-horsepower boilers and new associated specialties, and a chilled water plant that included two new 1,500-horsepower chillers, new pumping systems and cooling towers
  • Re-route chilled water supply and return pipe with limited shutdown time to the functioning hospital central energy plant
  • Add three new generators and all associated fuel piping, exhaust piping, air intake and cooling air

Project Highlights

  • Added new piping and components before disconnecting and removing the existing systems
  • Piping systems were fabricated off-site and delivered for installation due to the lack of a laydown area and workspace
  • Shutdown time was limited to ensure that the hospital activities were not impacted
  • Project was a guaranteed maximum price project, with a profit share component
  • Project was delivered seven percent below the estimated cost