Mission Hospitals – Dogwood Expansion, Asheville, NC


Install the new Honeywell/WEB Solutions system and integrate the existing proprietary controls platform into the new Web-based controls system


Integrate the existing proprietary controls platform with a new controls platform for a seven-story addition, which included patient floors and new state-of-the-art OR suites

Project Highlights

  • Integrated the existing proprietary controls platform, which entailed over 20,000 control points, into an open protocol Web-based platform
  • Integrated the entire existing Direct Digital Controls platform with the existing platform, which enabled the customer to receive open bids for all future projects installed at their locations
  • Installed new open protocol Web-based controls for the seven-story addition, which included new patient floor space along with a new state-of-the-art OR floor
  • All HVAC points for this expansion were placed on a new Direct Digital Controls platform. The Direct Digital Controls were installed on custom-built air handling units, variable air volume boxes, heat exchangers, OR rooms, hot/chilled water pumps and building pressure control systems