Lake Norman Regional Medical Center


Upgrade existing BAS Controls computer due to obsolescence and no longer allowed on the hospital network.


Install Honeywell Niagara System on hospital IT Infrastructure to comply with current technology while utilizing the existing field controllers and sensors.  Also, add graphics programming including floor plans for ease of use by customer.

Project Highlights

MSS installed a campus wide Honeywell Niagara System to replace an obsolete BAS Operator’s workstation and network level controllers.  New Webs panels were added  to interface to the existing Field controllers. Also, the system was enhanced to include chiller plant optimization programming, AHU discharge air reset programming and hot water reset programming all using data obtained from the “IoT cloud”. Graphical programming for the campus including floor plans and interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) was incorporated for ease of use by the staff members.  Another benefit allows for access from any computer connected to the hospital network and through VPN connection with appropriate user name and password.