International Banking Institution


Install state-of-the-art Energy Management and Fire Management systems incorporating strategies to achieve a LEED Gold rating and meet NFPA requirements while maintaining an aggressive construction schedule


  • Design, install and program new graphics package and controls strategies to give the customer an open protocol expandable platform
  • Incorporate new state-of-the-art energy savings programs to accomplish LEED GOLD rating
  • Design and install a new fire alarm system and add graphics workstation to allow for day-to-day operations and programming

Project Highlights

  • Installed open protocol system with custom graphics and energy savings strategies that gave the client instant control of the facility from any computer on the network, and trained the engineering staff how to utilize the system
  • Accomplished LEED Gold rating for new construction
  • Installed new intelligent smoke detection devices to reduce false alarms
  • Installed new audio/visual devices to alert staff to emergency situations
  • Installed new bi-directional amplification system to allow local fire department radios to work in every part of the building