International Banking Institution


Reduce energy costs and environmental impact while increasing associate and client comfort across a rapidly growing national portfolio through the use of a maintenance and management support program


Integrate a new Web-based controller system from Tridium and American Auto-Matrix to control temperature and lighting systems across more than 3,500 branch locations

Project Highlights

  • Reduced annual electrical energy consumption by 15 percent
  • Saved millions of kWh of energy and eliminated thousands of tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Enabled over 30 percent of the reported HVAC and lighting issues to be resolved remotely, reducing the number of costly site visits by maintenance technicians
  • Reduced potential maintenance issues by scheduling maintenance prior to equipment failure
  • Increased the speed and accuracy of remote supporting field technicians
  • Provided global command capabilities, which allow for the support of disaster recovery efforts
  • Enabled real-time alarming of the most critical alarms across a national portfolio
  • Provided a system-wide inventory of equipment
  • Utilized an open system to allow integration with other business segments, including card access and traffic monitoring
  • Demonstrated the viability of advanced controls for smaller facilities