Arvato, Weaverville, NC


Provide automatic chiller staging for runtime/demand control and decrease energy use of the entire chiller plant operation


  • Install a new Honeywell/WEB Solutions system and integrate the existing proprietary controls platform into the new Web-based controls system
  • Install two flat plate heat exchangers, one for process cooling and one for the building’s HVAC cooling system

Project Highlights

  • Integrated the existing proprietary controls platform, which included over 5,000 control points into an open protocol Web-based platform
  • Direct Digital Controls were installed on all custom-built air handling units, variable air volume boxes, heat exchangers, chiller plants, and hot/chilled water pumps
  • Work included the integration of the entire existing Direct Digital Controls platform throughout the existing platform, enabling the customer to receive open bids for all future projects installed at their locations
  • Installed all new programming for chiller plant controls to get maximum efficiency out of all existing equipment
  • New programs staged all existing chillers for run time/demand control, allowing the customer to operate only the chillers required to maintain the process/HVAC chilled water loop at desired set points
  • Installed two new plate heat exchangers, one for the process cooling systems and one for use with the building’s HVAC cooling system