Successful employee health fair today

Today we hosted a health fair for our employees and had a great turnout! There were experts on hand to perform biometric screenings which is one piece of our Wellness Program that will ultimately award participants with a lower medical insurance rate.  The purpose of the biometric screening is to make people aware of their numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, height, weight, BMI, etc.).  Poor health can be costly to companies and our nation’s healthcare system so we strive to promote healthy living habits to our employees.  Preventive care and awareness are some of the best tools we have as employers to combat those high health costs and keep our workforce healthy and productive.  The biometric screening is free, takes less than 15 minutes, and gives our employees a good snapshot of their health, most importantly things that might need additional attention. 

We also had the LifeZibit Hands on Health Exhibit back this year.  There were about 8 stations that covered different factors that can affect health…tobacco use, alcohol consumption, unmanaged diabetes and cholesterol, cancer, eating processed foods, etc.  One really neat part of this exhibit was the emphysema demonstration at the smoking table. They passed out tiny coffee straws and asked you to take four deep breaths, breathing through the straw only, not through your nose.  If you’ve never tried, it’s nearly impossible to breath normally through a coffee straw, and it’s a terrifying glimpse into what life might be like with emphysema. 

A physician scheduler was also in attendance from CHS to help employees who did not have a primary care physician get set up with one.



MSS to install new fire alarm system at Anderson University

The Greenville office of MSS Solutions was awarded the installation of a new fire alarm system for the new student center at Anderson University this week. We are very appreciative of the business and looking forward to working with them on this project!

We’re growing!

We have outgrown the existing space at our corporate headquarters and it’s time for an expansion! Construction started today on a multi-story addition to our office that will add another set of restrooms and more space for our daily operations and staff. We are looking forward to seeing the complete project in a few months!

MSS supports Philips Academy and it’s students

MSS was a table sponsor for the Philips Academy Paving the Way Breakfast today. Philips Academy provides Real Learning for Real Life for students with developmental disabilities. CEO Hunter Edwards and Business Development Manager Tim Newman represented MSS at this event which featured student and parent testimonials and raised much needed scholarship funds for Philips Academy students. MSS is honored to support Philips Academy and the work it does in the lives of its students.


MSS to host health fair for employees

MSS Solutions values the health of our employees and strives to provide several learning opportunities each year for employees through our Wellness Programs. Our next event will be the Health Fair and Biometric Screening on Monday, April 20th from 7:00am-11:00am.  We will be offering free biometric screenings for employees and the LifeZibit Hands-On Health exhibit will be back this year.


Mission Health Radiothon

MSS was honored to be a sponsor of this year’s Mission Health Radiothon which raised nearly $300,000 with proceeds benefitting families and children patients  in Western North Carolina.

MSS Mission Health fundraiser



Stress Management

Today we offered a similar breakfast training to the one we did last month in Charlotte. This one was hosted in our Asheville office and we had a guest speaker from Carolinas Healthcare System discussing Stress Management.

Coping with Stress

Today we hosted a breakfast and learn for our employees entitled Coping with Stress. Kathleen Sasso, RN, BSN was our presenter who completed her Health Coach training through UNC – Greensboro and is passionate about ‘self-health’ and learning. Today she covered topics like how to recognize and manage stress and ways to improve work/life balance.





Lifestyle Challenge for employees

With the start of a new year, often comes resolutions and many times they are related to health. Whether you have resolved to lose a few pounds, eat healthier or work out more, we wish you the best of luck in staying true to your new goals! We didn’t want to miss the momentum that a new year brings for many people, so we are issuing our first MSS Lifestyle Challenge of 2015!

The first MSS Lifestyle Challenge for our employees will focus on Nutrition.  For six weeks, we will say YES to something that is good for us or NO to something that is not.  We will do this as a team, voluntarily choosing to make better selections for ourselves and our families.  Employees who actively participate for all six weeks and submit the attached challenge record will receive one wellness credit.  Here is what we will be adding and giving up:

Week 1: Give up soda and/or sweet tea

Week 2: Eat one or two more pieces of whole fruit each day

Week 3: Eliminate most sugar

Week 4: Eat one or two more servings of vegetables each day

Week 5: Eliminate most packaged (processed) foods

Week 6: No fast food this week

This challenge will start on Monday, January 19th, and will end on Sunday, March 1st.

MSS hires new Safety Coordinator

Eddie Weatherman has joined MSS as the Safety Coordinator – welcome to the MSS Solutions team!